Business & Sustainability Report

Coop Trading published the Business & Sustainability Report for the first time in 2023. The annual report reflects on the previous year by highlighting selected focus areas during the year as well as some of our many great stories.

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Business & Sustainability Report 2023

In 2023, we implemented a new strategy 2024-2026 based on our purpose of making a better everyday through leading Nordic private brands. This new purpose and strategy are guiding us in our ways of thinking and working strategically with our brands and products – and will continue to guide us in the coming years. 2023 has been a year defined by a strong focus on harmonizing a Nordic range for our 27 million potential Nordic consumers to deliver the best value with the perfect price and quality ratio.

This new strategy describes the high ambitions for a future Coop Trading – and also adresses how our colleagues are essential, as our people power our purpose. In 2023, we have defined our personality on being and ambitious, responsible, and passionate game-changer, that challenges the status quo through knowledge and cooperation.

An important focus of our development has also been a stronger focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility in our business, strategies, and activities – and demanding the same sustainable attention from our suppliers.

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